Graystone has a long and storied history of partnering with missions and missionaries from around the globe. Currently we are connected with missions in Africa, India, the Middle East and Far East, Central and South America and North America.



Graystone supports missionaries, Rev. Donald & Martha Wehmeyer and Rev. Dr. Michael & Irene Sivalee.  Click here to learn more about these two couples.


Rwanda Partnership

Recently, Graystone has partnered with the Gitwe Presbyterian Church in the Gitarama region of Rwanda. The goals of the partnership are, in part, goals are, in part, to “listen and learn from our sisters and brothers in Christ in Rwanda. . ., to exchange representatives . . ., to provide support and assistance . . ., and to be the body of Christ together. . .”. This is a two-way relationship: each group will pray for and support the other.In addition to the amount designated for the Presbytery’s Rwanda partnership program in the mission budget, Graystone will be forming a Rwanda team to establish direct contact with the Gitwe church, to learn more about the needs of the church, and to initiate fund-raising opportunities for the Graystone membership, so that we may more effectively serve these brothers and sisters.More information will be available soon; check the website periodically for updates.For photos of previous presbytery trips to Rwanda and more information on the partnership program, visit:  http://www.kiskipby.org/Rwanda/welcome_to_rwanda.htm

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe Bible Translators is committed to providing access to scripture to people in the language they understand best.With 6,912 languages in the world and only 492 language communities with the entire Bible in their native language, the importance of Bible translation cannot be overstated.Wycliffe believes that each person has been created, gifted and called by God to reach people for salvation in His name, and base their focus on Bible translation as one of the ways for God’s will to be accomplished. More info:  http://www.wycliffe.org

Medical Benevolence Foundation

The Medical Benevolence Foundation exists to “proclaim and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus through a healing ministry,” which includes: raising funds to support international health programs, recruiting healthcare professionals and volunteers to serve in health related mission programs outside the U.S., sharing gifts of donated surplus medical supplies and equipment with international partners, and working in the areas of community health, treatment of HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB, maintaining and building hospitals and clinics, and raising awareness among Presbyterians of international health concerns.Examples: blood pressure cuffs for a clinic in Nicaragua, an ambulance for a hospital in Malawi. More info:  http://www.mbfoundation.org

Peace Fund/Solidarity/Iraqi Church

This fund was established through the denomination as an “extra commitment opportunity” to assist the churches of Iraq, beginning with the six Presbyterian congregations, it is “intended to offer a positive witness affirming the power of resurrections and hope, after such a long struggle with the symbols of death.It is a way for U.S. Presbyterians to “share in the struggle of Iraqi Christians to make a new start.The needs include church building repairs, new pastoral and lay leadership training, Sunday school curriculum, teacher and youth development, assistance and training for doctors, nurses, development and community health workers, counselor and therapist education, work among women and children, new church development and much restoration work.” More info:  www.pcusa.org/iraq/givesupport.htm.


Outreach Foundation

The mission of the Outreach Foundation is “to engage Presbyterians in Christ-centered evangelistic mission for the salvation of humankind.”It is entirely donor-funded (receives no monies from the denomination) and seeks to help congregations “develop relationships . . . with global partners in God’s mission, . . . to connect Presbyterians with specific missionaries and projects, . . . to support missionaries, plant churches, equip leaders for the global church, care for vulnerable children, expand Presbyterian support for mission, and change lives through mission engagement.”Examples: evangelistic outreach to orphanages in Russia and Belarus, Bethlehem Bible College(which trains students in Gaza, Nazareth, and Ramle), Musalaha (a ministry for reconciliation between Jewish and Arab Christians in the Holy Land, new church development in Egypt. More info:  http://www.theoutreachfoundation.org

Ethiopia Education Endowment Fund

This fund was established to insure the continuity of Brihane Yesus Elementary School, Bethel Evangelical Secondary School(where our former missionary, Jo Ann Griffith, worked), and Gidada Bible Institute, three institutions vital to the religious and economic future of the Dembi Dollo region of Ethiopia. More info:  http://ethioeddow.org

Ministries in Action

“Ministries in Action is an interdenominational Christian missionary organization serving the people of the Caribbean, Latin America and South Florida. MIA works with local churches to help them share the love of Jesus. The majority of MIA’s efforts are implemented through three programs, which are designed to help churches bring both spiritual and physical hope to their communities.” (from MIA website:www.mia.org/)
The three programs are:

  1. Evangelism and church growth
  2. Theological training
  3. Project Ebenezer (social outreach program)

Dr. Walford Thompson and his wife Jen have served with MIA for over forty years. In 1969, Walford Thompson became MIA’s coordinator in the South East Caribbean. In 1977, he became the president of MIA, and through his leadership, Christ’s love has been brought to numerous communities in the Caribbean, Latin America and South Florida.  Graystone Church has been a supporter of MIA and its mission for many years.


Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship

Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship is a validated mission support group working closely with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in its worldwide efforts to extend the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups. Unreached people groups specifically refers to ethnic groups having no self-reproducing church in which the gospel is preached in the language and terms of their culture.This mission initiative began in 1981 when missionary statesman, Dr Ralph Winter started what was then called the United Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship. It was to be a Presbyterian version of the growing worldwide frontier mission movement to reach out to the final frontiers in mission. He formed a board, and PFF (to use today’s name) was approved by the denomination in 1981.In 1999 the PFF Board approved the following mission statement:We challenge, mobilize and empower Presbyterian congregations into global partnerships that establish indigenous churches among unreached people groups. Read more about Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship at www.pff.net

New Wilmington Mission Conference

The New Wilmington Mission Conference (NWMC) looks to deepen the missionary spirit, seeking fulfillment of the Great Commission, with a focus on youth ages 12 – 25. To this end, a prominent place is given in the conference to Mission Interpretation and to the presentation of the duty and ideal of carrying the gospel to ALL the world! Because of the vital relations existing between the missionary spirit and a deep spiritual life, the conference aims at the cultivation of a life of fellowship with God by promoting service and witness for Jesus Christ.

The 2008 Conference saw over 1,000 people from over 30 states and 20 countries as full time delegates. These delegates were joined by as many as 1,000 others from Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio who joined the conference family for some part of the week. The Conference offers daily programs for all ages and provides opportunities for families to experience a Christian Conference together with events each individual family member will enjoy!  Visit their website to find out more:  www.NWMCmission.org


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